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CCSA statement on CPUC’s vote on the future of California community solar

Statement from Derek Chernow, Western Regional Director for the Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA), on the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) vote on the future of the state’s community solar program:

“Today’s Commission vote ignored the will of the California Legislature and the broad coalition of ratepayer, equity, environmental, labor, agricultural, and business groups who have demanded a functional community solar program for more than a decade.

By accepting the utilities‘ proposal, the Commission has chosen to double down on failed programs that have not — and will not — establish a viable community solar market that would provide affordable energy to Californians that need relief the most. 

It’s also further evidence that California’s utilities are doing everything they can to stifle distributed energy generation in order to tighten their grip on the state’s electricity grid.

The vote solidifies California’s place near the bottom of community solar markets nationwide, ceding leadership to other states to truly democratize solar energy and fulfill national energy equity goals.

Importantly, this vote was not unanimous. We would like to thank Commissioner Darcie Houck for her vote and remarks that this Decision will fail to reach community solar’s full potential. 

Undeterred, we will continue our efforts to create a community solar program that puts people above utilities… and one California can be proud of.”