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Stephen Cortes

Stephen Cortes Headshot

Stephen Cortes

Sr. Dir. of Public Affairs & Communications

In his role at CCSA, Stephen helps advance one of the fastest-growing forms of renewable energy in the U.S. through national legislative campaigns and communications strategy. Prior to CCSA, he served as Public Affairs Lead for Brooklyn-based Revel, where he furthered a dynamic, innovative e-mobility leader’s mission to decarbonize transportation in cities. There, he created change and market value through regulatory and legislative victories across many state and local agencies, winning EV infrastructure grants, strategic communication, thought leadership, digital presence, and stakeholder positioning in all markets throughout the U.S. Over 20 years, Stephen has served roles in law, policy, public affairs, and communications with his primary focus on advancing renewable energy, water, and e-mobility at all levels of government in the U.S. — local, state, and federal.