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Laurel Passera

Laurel Passera Headshot

Laurel Passera

Senior Policy Director

Laurel Passera joined CCSA in 2016 and currently serves as the Senior Policy Director for CCSA, leading the direction of policy positions and supporting CCSA’s state legislative and regulatory efforts. During her time at CCSA, Laurel has led state efforts in Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland, among others and supported the creation of numerous resources.

Prior to joining CCSA, Laurel worked as a Senior Renewables Analyst for Keyes and Fox LLP and for EQ Research, where she tracked and analyzed state clean energy policy for clients and assisted with the firms’ outreach and educational efforts. Prior to that work, Laurel spent seven years managing the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s Connecting to the Grid program, where she tracked and reported on state efforts in Net Metering, Interconnection and the burgeoning Community Solar market. Laurel began her clean energy career in 2007, as an analyst for the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.